Monday, December 6, 2010

Wecome To The World Emma

This is you... Emma Grace Robinson
or Em
or Emmers
or Baby Bear
or Sour Patch
you were born on October 5th 2010 at 825 pm
at Womens and Childrens Hospital
in Columbia Missouri.
you were 6lbs/7oz and 19 inches.
and there is the facts. bottom line.
but now 3 weeks later you are home with mommy and daddy and we are just in love!!! you are the best baby, perfect in every way. I wont mention how you are a fuss butt or grump bump... hence your nickname. Honestly daddy gave you that name not me!

Well its taken me 3 weeks to get this thing started, but hey better late then never. You actually slept for 6 hours, then another 4 after that feeding.... most sleep mommy has gotten :)
so its allowed me to find some time while your napping to do this! See cutie pie, you don't let us put you down... yeah not ever. Unless you are in your swing for 30 mins, or in your car seat on a drive, you are either in my arms, daddy's arms, or a friend/family member. No Im not spoiling you... I just cant help it!! you love me so much that if I put you down, you cry!!!
well I suppose I should recap what youve missed... wait FACEBOOK!! ahh one second I keep updating my status so copy/paste helps.....
facebook post from 10/5 to 10/28

Susan Robinson Dr admitted me to the er :( i may have pre-eclampsia. If i do they are going to deliver her. If i dont we wait

Susan Robinson Im in labor and delivery!! We are having baby Emma sometime today

Susan Robinson Emma Grace Robinson born on 10/5 at 825pm she was 7lbs 6oz mommy and daddy are fantastic. She is so amazing.

Susan Robinson She is actually 6lbs 7oz!! Lol my late night post was backwards!!

Susan Robinson We love all our awesome visitors today. If anyone wants to meet her today or tomorrow we will be at regional hospital

Susan Robinson Emma is officially one day old!!!

Susan Robinson Looks like we will be getting discharged by 12pm!!! Yay we are ready to go home :)

Susan Robinson Since i heard we need an Emma update-
Shes completely healthy and happy! Shes trying to find her eating/sleeping routine, shes getting so close. Her dr appt today was perfect. She will be 3 days and weighs 5lbs 15 oz.

Susan Robinson Its been 5 days since i had the happiest day o my life, the rest has been a sureal blur!!

Susan Robinson Let me know if you want an Emma "date" So we can work it out. I know everyone is dying to meet her, but i dont want to overwhelm her.

Susan Robinson Relaxing and feeding emma. I finally had a good nights sleep. We are really settling into our new life :)

Susan Robinson Emma is a week old today!! Its crazy :) she is the best baby ever!!

Susan Robinson I have a beautiful sweet baby sleeping on me right now!!! I love her so much :)

Susan Robinson Mommy and daddy date night tomorrow!! Hmm what to do??

Susan Robinson My baby is exactly 2 weeks old!!!!

Susan Robinson ‎4 am baby feedings :) gotta love being a mom!! Yeah facebook helps keep u awake.

Susan Robinson Dropping my baby off at a friends house for a movie night... I miss her already!!

Susan Robinson Barely lasted one movie!!! Going to pick her up now.

Susan Robinson Emma had her two week checkup, and we have a perfect 7 lb 20 in baby with no health problems!!! Yay :)

Susan Robinson Got my moby in the mail today!! Its great and now i can "wear" my baby lol

Susan Robinson Emma loves her moby!!!

Susan Robinson Did a girls night! Paranormal activity 2!! I still couldnt wait to get home to my babies :)

Susan Robinson Daddy is back to work, just emma and mommy tonight.

Susan Robinson Emma and i are going to moberly weds i think!! Atleast i wanna try ;)

Susan Robinson Emma is cuddling up with daddy its the cutest freaking thing ever!

Susan Robinson My little em is 3 weeks old today!! Shes getting so big!!

Susan Robinson Exaclty 3 weeks ago i had a baby!!! Crazy

Susan Robinson Im at merrell if anyone want to stop by i have emma with me :)

whew that's it!! that was a lot of copy/pasting!!
Okay so to recap... its been a lot of cuddling, feeding, sleeping, crying, pooping, and kisses... not necessarily in that order.
oh and outta random wondering since I said you loved your moby... you might be wondering what that is.

its a wrap!! it keeps you nice and cuddled up to me.
To finish since I cant sit at this computer anymore Ill end it for now, but dont worry Ill have more to tell you, share with you, photos, links, projects, and your day to day life... I have an Iphone app that Ill use. Ill be able to post at anytime.
xoxo Mommy