Thursday, January 26, 2012

a story: (not for faint of heart)

after a late night I wrote a story to you. It could be a story that some may not want to read. As always this blog is dedicated to my daughter. I love to share my love for documenting, recording, and scrapbooking with everyone... I just always want everyone to know this is Emma's Story.

So after a couple strange nights I decided to write my story out on Evernote late one night. 

A few nights ago you and I sat in your room. We were doing our usual nightly ritual. This consists of you laying on my lap as I rock you to sleep as we listen to new age alternative rock. Whether you like it or not, I actually sing to you as well. Now im not know for my vocals but you never seem to mind as you slip into serenity. This night I speak of is a strange night that has stuck with me for days. We were sitting there in the dark, methodically when suddenly you sat up and pointed to a spot in the room. This spot was too dark to see anything, but I asked anyway "what is it Emma?" You responded simply by pointing in the exact same spot again. It cause my heart to drop. I was unable to move my eyes from that spot. Unable to move, it felt to me as if you believed you were pointing to someone. I ruled out all else I believed you could be pointing at. Needless to say we did not sleep in your room that night. Since then nights have passed, jokes been made, and the majority concenses that I've aquired this true sense of horror from repeatedly watching horror movies. Now to tonight, Again we were going through our normal nightly rocking jam in session when the next thing I know you begin to laugh. Now u may say it was from my singing ill assure u it wasn't,  because I wasn't. You stared off into an area right next to us and continued to laugh. This caused my heart to drop yet again. I repeatedly thought "who is here with us?" Suddenly a wave of relief washed over me. Like some thing clicked in me. You are happy. You aren't scared. That if someone was with us they are making you feel happy. Without further thought I turned to my left and rubbed you hair, and as I starred at you I spoke aloud "she's beautiful isn't she" I do not know reasons behind this beyond the fact that I felt I wanted it known. Next this wave of pure emotions flooded through me, it brought tears to my eyes. I knew who was with me, my grandmothers. They were with like they always are. Guiding your hand every dangerous leaps you make because you refuse to not climb on high surfaces, they are here guiding me through the tough troubles that come from being a first time parent. I know the question that will be asked will be do you believe in ghosts? You actually think your grandfathers are standing there?? To be honest I know they are there. They always have been. I don't believe they are what most would consider ghosts, but I do believe they are there as spirits. As pure goodness and beauty. The actions you took may be mere coincidences as you seen a toy you wanted or you thought mommy's singing from earlier was funny..... but the feeling I felt afterwards is beyond the words I could ever type. I felt pureness, love, and complete admiration towards myself. I know the bond I have with you is strong and its growing by shear strength and that the presence of them is just as powerful. I will sleep soundly know that as you rest in your bed you will always have 2 angels that keep a watchful eye when I can't. 
I love you Emma grace

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Project Life: week 15

So week 15 was so much fun!! I finally feel as if Im capturing my project life exactly how I want. I was a little nervous at first to add stickers and other elements to my photos, so I finally did it this week and I LOVE it. I have found I may have an issue tho...

I want ALL of Ali Edwards brushes...

but other than that I have another happy week.

the first side here is probably 3 of my favorite photos!! Top photo there I used ali edwards brush favorite memories. Its actually part of one of her holiday collections. Bottom there is a photo of daddy. He always seems to be the one that ends up driving everywhere so I love snapping driving photos of him. Bottom photo is you with both your aunts!! That has to be the biggest laugh I've ever seen. I also added a little tag there which is from Martha Stewart.

So I've been looking at traditional paper scrapping and I was totally inspired to make my attempt at it. I'm pretty happy with it.

some close ups

and the other side spread.

I had such a great time with it this week. I love all the others out there filling the world with inspiration.

I've already got this weeks going

Sunday, January 22, 2012

what's the story? 52 creative lifts week 3

this photo was taken on the way to pick up Uncle John from visiting with Uncle Ryan. I really haven't mentioned much about what's going on with your uncle, I really haven't decided how I'll approach the subject in "documenting:" for your memory keeping. I'm never one to edit out negativity, because I believe in really telling you the story of your life...I'll never edit it. It's just a long and amazingly complicated story that has consumed life around this house for a total of 12 days so far. We refuse to live on negativity, we cope and become stronger for it.

[the story of why we took the photo]
We have been stuck inside all week. Some terrible stomach bug has taken over this house. It struck mommy first.. then went to you.. and has ended with Daddy. It made for a long miserable week which has kept all of us indoors. Since I love to take photos... and I've been taking them every week to keep up with my project life album, you can understand why the first hint of sunlight we got made my camera go into overdrive!! You enjoyed it no matter how bundled up you were. As soon as those little feet hit the pavement you were gone. You were running and playing and luckily slowed down enough for me to grab this picture on your way to the car. 
[the story of what you are doing in the photo]
Ever since you mastered the art of alternating feet to move, you haven't stopped. 
there isn't much time unless you are sleeping that you aren't moving. You then learned how to make those feet work for you in more was than walking.... you now love to RUN!! 
[the story of where you are going in the photo]
Even though we aren't feeling the best, finally we had to pull together to take Uncle John somewhere. This required us to pull ourselves together. We had to put those shoes on and get out of the house. Of course since you are such a big girl now you don't need us to carry you to the car anymore... you got this. 

this list could go on, and the stories could go on. Every photo has a story or two that's hidden beneath it. I feel truly inspired by what is behind a photo. Sometimes its nice to go beyond saying what only "I" see on the surface. I would love to see what others see from you in this photo.

What this inspiration has done has finally allowed me to tell the story of what happened earlier this month with your Uncle.

52 creative lifts by Ali Edwards;
what is it?
 Each week throughout 2012 you'll receive an email in your in-box with a reflection/investigation on some aspect of creativity (this will continue to be a free newsletter). I'm using the broad term "creativity" so I can leave room to share a variety of different concepts. It might be process, it might be ways of seeing, it might be motivation, it might be questions, it might be simple inspiration, it might be a list of inspiring links, it might be memory keeping or mixed media or photography or something completely different.

cha! what a list

Recently Ive found myself stepping into the world of paper scrapbooking. Ever since I made the decision to do project life in paper form... Ive decided to start buying my products in paper form rather than digital form. It took me some time simply because I've had such an aversion to paper products. I always thought the ease of clicking the undo button was what I loved. It just became easy to me, uninspired, and stale. Something about when you become content you no longer explore the depths of who you really are and how creative you really can be you loose touch. When I feel like that has happened I move on, change, or re-evaluate.

If that sounds familiar, you'll think about it more now.

What I've been wanting to share with all my paper scrapper enthusiasts is all the awesome things Ive been seeing around. Makes me excited to see what is coming.

I've explored many blogs and I've seen some amazing stuff, but this is some of my favorite stuff. Its suits me in my project life adventure and my paper scrapbooking adventure *Im just leaving the airport on that one ;)*

my all time favorite bloggers and scrapbookers is the amazing DEAR LIZZY- Elizabeth Kartchener. She has such an amazing and positive outlook on everything that is close to her. Shes created an amazing line called Neapolitan. its such a fun cotton candy mix of colors and softness. Fits my personality perfectly. I see things both on the project life album and the paper scrapbooking side of things. I see the duality of her products.
 my faves-
I already have the smash stamp, but Im set on this one for a personal issue that I have... the simple first line on the word side of the stamp...
That is your all time FAVORITE movie Emma!! You literally watch Tangled ALL the time. I just feel like that stamp is a must have in my stash.

Scrapper friends you should do a fun blog hop and see the rest of this amazing collection. I mean come-on she made RUFFLE cardstock 12x12 paper!

next fave-

ever since I've found studio calico and their amazing unique approach I've been hooked. For someone like me being such an old die hard digital scrapper studio calico is my best friend. Their monthly kits are a great way to get a coordinated kit already set together for you. Its something that's a usual for digital scrappers.

some of the must haves from them will go both project life and paper scrapper too. Sorry seeing a normality with me... duality ;)

Im in love with their stamps coming out-
and you HAVE to have some Mr.Huey's and Im sold on this one-
they have tons of other great papers, woodgrain chips, and other mister huey's coming out.

my last faves go to-

now this is a relatively unfamiliar company for me. They caught my eye while seeing amazing inspirational pages and videos from another fellow blogger-
Rahel Menig of SwissgirlDesigns.

She is the one who has opened me up to paper scrapping the most. She appeals so much because I see her style and how she translates it to cardstock so well. It resembles my style that I thought could only be achieved by me if I did it digitally. I'm a very layered simplistic yet powerful story teller. I never thought myself as a paper scrapper could get the detailing and layering in a simplistic way myself. So I watched some of her videos and became very inspired. Since then I've created a paper layout that I truly love. I know its finally ME, -thanks to my husband. He looked at it and simply said- its amazing... looks like your digital layouts!! So I'll always love her for that. She opened my eyes.

look what she was able to achieve with this layout-

and the hidden places... who knew?

now anyway back to my preview of my faves from Crate Paper.

I love everything about every piece of this collection.

So about the long post... HOPE you love it and love the ladies I've shared with you, and to Emma hope I gave you some insight into who I am and how crazy I am ;)

If you wish to see more sneak peeks check out the CHA winter 2012 sneak peeks.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Project Life: week 14

We had another busy week, and a fun filled week too. Unfortunately I also had a bunch of work to finish up and I broke me finger.... ;)

so here is my week 14. 

first side I told you about work, and a list of everything we did this week.

4 days..
24,000 pounds of fixtures
1,300 pound of empty boxes
600 boxes full of merchandise.

as I did last week I kept with the bold print and thinner print for telling the stories. I think I'm finding my groove by this week. Only thing I've still thought about is placing a white border around all my photos. 

 this side I shared my project life station and what my finger looks like.

Here I told you about the "boo" game. Its too funny every time you want to play you turn my head away from you, then you force my face back then when I yell BOO you laugh so hard...
its so much fun. You've actually tried to get me to play in the middle of the grocery store. 

I've absolutely fell in love with this entire project!! I look so forward to it everyday.

Saturday, January 14, 2012

dear Emma/ project life: minimalistic approach

so I'm going to do my best to get this post typed within a reasonable time ;)
and this is why-

so at work yesterday I smashed my finger between a metal bar and roughly 150 pounds of metal grid. Grid is what the company I work for uses to attach to temporary stores to hold up fixtures to place merchandise. These things are atleast 8 ft tall and 4 ft wide. We loaded 15 of them on a metal cart since we needed to get them into storage containers so we could move them out. When we began moving it worked... and I was think YAY way more efficient... then the next thing I know they shifted and found my finger. It immediately turned blue and doubled in size. I went to the hospital and they said I fractured my distal phalanx.. up higher its too swollen to know what else I may have done. It looks so bad today!! its scary to unwrap and look lol.

so Emma if you ever follow in moms footsteps and decide to be a business woman like I am, I always want you to know there are sometimes consequences when you choose productivity over second thoughts on safety. You should be efficient and productive... just sometimes safety falters and Im just lucky I didn't injure my employees. 

OK so now I wanted to share with my friends how I approach project life and how you can do it with ease and efficiency no matter where you are in your life. 

So I know sometimes you look for inspiration online.. and it becomes rather overwhelming. I know this happens a lot...

when I look at some pl albums I fall in love with her approach and skill. Yet I can't fall in love with the rooms, amount of product used, and unbelievable amounts of paper cutting, gluing, sewing, stapling, securing, and amounts of products some use. I wish I could, but if I have something out of place, I loose my mind. I simply cannot contain and store those amounts of products... so I take my own approach and found the products I LOVE the most and I will contain them with in my own PROJECT LIFE station.

Maybe this is the main reason why I traditionally find myself being a digital scrapbooker, its all contained within an external hard drive. I don't like opening drawers... I would rather open a window!! ;)
So when I convienced myself that I would do pl this year, and that I would do it with paper scrapbooking I knew I had to stop and think of exactly how I would do it.

First I think that's why I settled so quickly on Becky Higgin's Project Life Kits

everything is simple. straight forward. highy organized and ready to go!! I'm sold 

so my first way to organize is to keep the kit directly how it comes from Becky. 

can't beat that right?

Next I knew I had to have me essential things, paper scrappers just have to have somethings that normally a digital scrapbooker would use a click of the mouse for. So I thought about it for a bit... and I came up with this as my project life station.

so below you see what I use to "move" my station. Its a christmas gift.. which I still haven't put my own photos in yet lol

its nice and simple just a coffee table tray with handles. Allows me to work at the table in any room, the living room, the bedroom... ect you get the picture. I think I secretly love it more because as a digital scrapbooker I've always been able to scrapbook ANYWHERE I could put my laptop.

so this little holder here

is actually a tv remote control holder Josh's parents got us for Christmas. Since I don't have but one tv remote... didn't see a use for it at first... as i thought... kinda looks like a pen holder.....  then it kept adding on. It is a great way to hold all your essentials. Honestly I don't ever see that thing filling up with more than that. I fit my corner rounder, stamper, 4 pens, journal cards, 3 smash book cards, 2 washi tapes and 2 stamp pads. 

I really hope sharing helps others who don't feel they have enough room, they don't have enough supplies, or are worried about creative ways to organize. Just look around your house and don't be afraid to sample and REUSE!! 

much love guys and can't wait to see everyone's next week. 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cover Page, Planning, and Project Life Week 13 down

So I actually attempted to update my week 13 from my phone... 

Yeah that didn't work! You couldn't see the photos or tell what I was updating. 

So I've made a new post and uploaded directly from my computer. I really want to keep with sharing my weekly pages with everyone, So lesson learned. 

This most likely will take some extra time since I've gotten sidetracked with you, Community, and blog updating!!

OMG by the way I'm hooked on this show ;) you'll have to watch it one day when you are old enough... tho I bet it wont be as funny to you

To start with let me share my cover page. I had so much fun making this. Its as creative as this woman gets with scrapbooking too.

Mainly I used Project life kit Clementine by Becky Higgins
I also used the smash book travel pad for the little cutouts that I wrote our names and ages on.
I used some Washi tape and a sharpie to write on the polka dot card.
I picked up some Thickers from Hobby Lobby to put the R and 12 on..
*yeah thats a 12 covered up by your adorable hand! 
Then I used some journaling grid cards and used my corner chomper to round them back again.
I used my Smash book date stamp to date the years.
I use my Sharpie and my Smash book pen to do my writing. I'm hooked on the look I get with the two different sizes.

Now here is week 13 two page spread. I'm wanting to add a 10 page photo insert where I tell about your new climbing obsession! I also want to add a little tidbit insert to tell Uncle Ryan's Story... I'm just not entirely sure how I want to do it yet. Its a pretty rough and indepth story so I was actually thinking I might seal it shut til you are quite a bit older.

So close up of the side 1 journaling cards. I used the 2 size markers and again loved it. I think I'll keep with it throughout the rest of the pages. We both got 2 fortune cookies and both of them said how we would both live a long life! So unique I loved it. I documented some about the new year, project life, and how you've gotten a new habit *CLIMBING*

Picture and snipet of you and your new chair and you with our new project life kit!! That's a little insert from the kit when we got it.

Here is the other side. again a closeup of the four journal cards. I added one of the little stickers included with the kit. The stickers are cute, I'm just not 100% on how I want to use them yet. I really love the happy birthday I did with a big sharpie. Its a great way to title. 

again I matched up a photo with a snipet. It was your new fridge phonics and a joke at how obsessive compulsive mommy and daddy are. Daddy lined up all your magnets in alphabetical order and we use the certain letter to correspond with what we stick to the fridge. Its funny if we are paying rent and stuck it to the fridge it gets an R. We move them down for you to play and we put them back in order to make sure you don't loose one. 

so here is a look at this week and kinda an idea of how I use post its to plan the week out.

So I immediately insert the left date card, and put all 8 of my journal cards in. I usually don't write out on the cards immediately unless I feel its a story I'll forget. I drop a little orange post it note so I keep track of the 8 stories. Last week i had a few extras, so I changed it up and didn't loose my journal cards. The best thing I've done to keep track is the post its. sometimes I'll drop a post it where my photos are so when I snap the photo I'll know where I want to put them. 

My list of what I used this time is

And I want to share some of the amazing inspiration I've found thoughout the web. I keep up with these ladies since they are a constant source of Inspiration.

I'm going to do my best to keep this up to date with inspiration to share with my fellow memory keepers. Emma I'll keep this up to date to share your stories and memories so we never forget all the fun and love we share together

Project life week 13

So I've finally caught back up. I have a couple more journal cards to fill out, but not bad considering I restarted the entire album!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

One Little Word 2012: inspired

Its another year.
Time for the re-evaluation of who,what,where, and when.
It usually always happens at the turn of the year simply because you are usually...

aroused, animated, or imbued with the spirit to dosomething, by or as if by supernatural or divine influence: aninspired poet.
resulting from such inspirationan inspired poem; an inspiredplan.

That is actually my One Little Word. One Little Word that I set for myself at the beginning of the year. Its a word I try to keep in my mind when I feel I get side tracked or lost.

I'll be inspired to actually live a healthy life. The last 3 months I've lost 25+ pounds. I've worked somewhat hard at it, so I know if I work hard at it I'll move past the rest.

I'll be inspired to actually complete some pins on pintrest. There are so many new things and amazing things I've been inspired by, I just haven't move through the rest of the inspiration to actually complete it.

I'll be inspired to actually enjoy the little things in life. I'll stop worrying that something isn't right or something isn't perfect... and just enjoy.

I'll be inspired to actually complete something on my bucket list. I want to do many things in my life time that creates a peaceful and zen life. I would really like to do one thing if only one thing that I've set up on my bucket list.