Saturday, January 14, 2012

dear Emma/ project life: minimalistic approach

so I'm going to do my best to get this post typed within a reasonable time ;)
and this is why-

so at work yesterday I smashed my finger between a metal bar and roughly 150 pounds of metal grid. Grid is what the company I work for uses to attach to temporary stores to hold up fixtures to place merchandise. These things are atleast 8 ft tall and 4 ft wide. We loaded 15 of them on a metal cart since we needed to get them into storage containers so we could move them out. When we began moving it worked... and I was think YAY way more efficient... then the next thing I know they shifted and found my finger. It immediately turned blue and doubled in size. I went to the hospital and they said I fractured my distal phalanx.. up higher its too swollen to know what else I may have done. It looks so bad today!! its scary to unwrap and look lol.

so Emma if you ever follow in moms footsteps and decide to be a business woman like I am, I always want you to know there are sometimes consequences when you choose productivity over second thoughts on safety. You should be efficient and productive... just sometimes safety falters and Im just lucky I didn't injure my employees. 

OK so now I wanted to share with my friends how I approach project life and how you can do it with ease and efficiency no matter where you are in your life. 

So I know sometimes you look for inspiration online.. and it becomes rather overwhelming. I know this happens a lot...

when I look at some pl albums I fall in love with her approach and skill. Yet I can't fall in love with the rooms, amount of product used, and unbelievable amounts of paper cutting, gluing, sewing, stapling, securing, and amounts of products some use. I wish I could, but if I have something out of place, I loose my mind. I simply cannot contain and store those amounts of products... so I take my own approach and found the products I LOVE the most and I will contain them with in my own PROJECT LIFE station.

Maybe this is the main reason why I traditionally find myself being a digital scrapbooker, its all contained within an external hard drive. I don't like opening drawers... I would rather open a window!! ;)
So when I convienced myself that I would do pl this year, and that I would do it with paper scrapbooking I knew I had to stop and think of exactly how I would do it.

First I think that's why I settled so quickly on Becky Higgin's Project Life Kits

everything is simple. straight forward. highy organized and ready to go!! I'm sold 

so my first way to organize is to keep the kit directly how it comes from Becky. 

can't beat that right?

Next I knew I had to have me essential things, paper scrappers just have to have somethings that normally a digital scrapbooker would use a click of the mouse for. So I thought about it for a bit... and I came up with this as my project life station.

so below you see what I use to "move" my station. Its a christmas gift.. which I still haven't put my own photos in yet lol

its nice and simple just a coffee table tray with handles. Allows me to work at the table in any room, the living room, the bedroom... ect you get the picture. I think I secretly love it more because as a digital scrapbooker I've always been able to scrapbook ANYWHERE I could put my laptop.

so this little holder here

is actually a tv remote control holder Josh's parents got us for Christmas. Since I don't have but one tv remote... didn't see a use for it at first... as i thought... kinda looks like a pen holder.....  then it kept adding on. It is a great way to hold all your essentials. Honestly I don't ever see that thing filling up with more than that. I fit my corner rounder, stamper, 4 pens, journal cards, 3 smash book cards, 2 washi tapes and 2 stamp pads. 

I really hope sharing helps others who don't feel they have enough room, they don't have enough supplies, or are worried about creative ways to organize. Just look around your house and don't be afraid to sample and REUSE!! 

much love guys and can't wait to see everyone's next week.