Sunday, November 23, 2014

This concludes this blog.

The End.

Its time to move on. Its been 4 long amazing years that I've documented everything on here. Ups and downs and completely pain in the ass blogger coding issues later, I've decided to take blogging to a new site. I'll keep this blog active so I'll always have the archives of Emma's first 4 years of life. 

Its just time to create a more cohesive and fresh blog. I've tried before but it seems that I keep coming back to this one, this time I've come to realize that even though I keep coming back I'm not excited to keep it up anymore. Its not a bad thing.. it just means its time for something new!

and here it is-

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Week in the life 11.1

Week in the life day 6 11.1

No photo or note day. I realized at like 8 pm I hadn't taken a single photo today. It was a crazy Saturday at work. So I'm going to use today as a chance to snap photos of our home or grab photos from a list that talks about photos you should grab for witl. I did grab some super cute photos of you and dad but that was it. 

I did some major pinteresting which resulted in me finding the Christmas gifts I want to do... All handmade! 

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week in the life 10.30

Week in the life day 4 10.30

Morning- woke up, got ready for the day, then headed to school all normal! When we got to school things got kinda crazy... There was a big green monster there! It's from a book you are ready at school so one of the teachers dressed up as one! You guys had so much fun at school today. Your teacher also let me know how big of a kid you've been. She said you've been helping other friends when they need help and teach friends how to slide.

Afternoon- I spent the day working. I'm a director of operations so my day stays packed. I keep a block schedule that I try to follow, but with running a salon/spa with 12 stylists an apprentice, and an esthetician on staff it keeps the pace going. I'm also acting salon coordinator, marketing director, education director, and media director... When you are helping a friend open a new business you do everything you can. With the skills I've acquired over the years I'm perfect for the job. 

Night- i was able to get a massage at work before I left then I got to spend the rest of the night with you and dad. So that was perfect! We grabbed dinner, played, placed new coffee table and end tables, went grocery shopping while you napped, and attempted to clean the house. I straightened up, did laundry, and I'm trying to finish dishes.. I just put off one major job- cleaning the bathroom! I hate it. I'm working on a chore list for you... To bad that can't be an emma job ;)

Shopping list- 
Toilet paper
Fruit snacks
Cream cheese
Teddy Grahams

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week in the life 10.28

Week in the life day 2 10.28

7:15 wake up 
8:20 school
8:45 Starbucks
9:00 work
1:30 lunch
5:00 off work/nap time 
8:00 cleaning/business texts 
9:00 play

10:00 emma-practice letter sang alphabet and said matching word and sang alphabet rock and sing wheels on the bus! Practicing our communication 
10:00 momma-pinterest, week in the life, facebook, Instagram, and end of the day business planning. Side singing nursery rhymes 
10:00 daddy- playing crucible rounds on destiny. 

So today I have to admit was way more stressful than yesterday and I'm afraid tomorrow will be much worse. I usually do my best to keep it from home since the stress is from work. So we started off with our regular routine for the morning. It stays very structured and doesn't change much. After I dropped you off I made a stop by Starbucks and grabbed my mocha and then went to work. I'm working as a salon coordinator and I spent the day working as a receptionist and teaching the apprentice we have, making changes to appointments and keeping things up to date. Work was from 930-5 and that totaled the stressful time today. When I got home you were already napping so I joined you and slept til around 8 when I responded to work texts, business texts, and all that. We played around and I got the house cleaned up! You and daddy totally get the privilege of making whatever messes you want during the day. You even rode your bike around the house! How it ended up inside I haven't a clue. We are ending the night with our usual ended winding down to learning on the iPhone, mommy responding to business stuff, social media, and finishing up WITL notes, and daddy playing some destiny! It's such a relaxing evening after the day I've had. 

Week in the life 10.29

Week in the life day 3 10.29

I did not track as well today as normal. Since the stressful day I had yesterday today started just as bad... 
By the end of the day thanks to amazing people that surround me its ended perfectly!! I spent some major time texting a friend about a new adventure, I got a super awesome gift because my friend rocks, got my birthday gift.... Which was exactly what I wanted from my mom... And best of all I got to spend the night with you and dad! You make every shitty day like 150% better. I love you. Still here's a quick list of what happened today. 
Up at 7
School from 8-11
Work from 9-8 

Night together- dinner, walking dead, ninjango, dancing, playing my little pony, text conversations, project life, reading books

Emma dad convo-
Em- here take this 
Dad- I don't want it I want to watch walking dead
Em- no I want to watch tv
Daddy gives in.... 
Em- ninjango!!!! 

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week in the life 10.27

Week in the life day one Monday 10.27
Wake up @7:15
Ready for school
School @8:20
Dr appointment @9:00
Gift Shopping @10:00
Pick up emma @11:00
Went to the antique store @12:00
Finished the gift for whit
Played destiny @1:00
Emma playing and relaxing 
Super long nap up @8:00
Art time @8:30
Movie time- despicable me 2 @9:30
Secret late night snack cinnamon rolls 
Finishing up the night with checking social media, posting, editing photos, finishing stories, tracking calories, reviewing the calendar for the rest of the week, and just relax while you watch movies. 
So today started out by getting up early and getting ready for school. I get up at 7:15 but I always let you sleep in a little more and cuddle with daddy after he gets off at 7:00. After I'm ready (which is an exact routine mind you) I get you ready. You are the most dramatic morning person. You'll still act half asleep and drag around, force to be held and make mommy put your clothes on just to get you moving... Yep a little drama queen and I love it. After that I drop you off at school and you spend the morning with mrs becky and mrs merin. While you were in class ain't Sam and I went around and did some shopping for aunt Whitney's birthday gift. We still weren't finished when it was time to pick you up so we did some more shopping after. We grabbed some lunch and headed hope before the storm hit. You spent the afternoon painting and working in you preschool workbook with aunt Sam while daddy and I played some destiny. It's a new game on the ps4 that we play a lot. You go around forcing us to play sometimes. You love watching us game and watching our character when we make them dance. After that we relaxed around the house so much that we ended up taking a super long nap! So worth it tho. We didn't end up waking up til around 8. We spent the night painting some more, uploading photos and editing some from the day, watching movies... Despicable me 2 for the second time now, and updating my notes, calorie tracker, posting to the blog, reviewing my calendar and preparing for the rest of the week! 

It's always so great to spend the day off snuggled up and doing the things we love to do together. You are seriously the best kid ever and I'm so blessed to spend my days with you. I can't wait to go the rest of the week sharing stories and snapping pictures of your life. 

Monday, October 27, 2014

Currently October

October has been an amazing month. I've really embraced my olw brave. This month was full of change, new beginnings, and top secret missions that I hope to one day share with the world. That time isn't now but hopefully soon. I'll share some photos from this month it hopes to keep this blog current. I swear one day it will be more than just currently updates.