Saturday, February 1, 2014

Currently- January

The first month of 2014 down and I have to admit it was a whirlwind of crazyness. I started the month and one job, then another one that didn't work out, two interviews, and then ending the month with two weeks off. I'm starting February with a new job in a new salon a friend bought. I've love the weeks off to spend time with you tho it's been relaxing and fun. We've been working on you communication which is coming along amazing!! You withdrew a little after time off from school, but being back for a month and have a couple weeks with mom time it's growing! You are reading words, and repeating words back, and a refining your main words! It's fantastic!

So I'm going to be doing my 52 lists project, doing my olw classes for February, and finish up January project life. 
Some photos taken in January!
Daddy+daughter selfie 

Mommy+daughter selfie