Sunday, December 18, 2011

the holidays are near...

So its getting close to that time!

Its almost time for Christmas. I can't wait to spend some family time together. We will be having Christmas for my side on Wednesday. Your grandma Toby will be coming up from Rolla to have dinner at our house. It will be fun, we are doing a pot luck type dinner. I'm sure we will play some games, and then grandma said she wrapped all your gifts in single boxes because she wanted you to have a bunch to open. 

On Sunday or Monday we will head up to St. Joesph to have Christmas with Daddy's family. I haven't heard what we have planned yet, but I'm sure it will be fun. I actually haven't even heard what you are getting yet!! 

The rest of the time I'll be working and Daddy will be working. I'm continuing to work on you December album and you'll continue to recover from your terrible cold and teething you are doing right now. 

You have a whopping 14 teeth!! Thats insane little lady.

Love you bunches 

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Project Life: Clementine kit is here!!

I was so excited to open that amazon box today! I peeked in and I love it. I'm not actually starting back to my normal pl yet since I'm finishing up december daily.

so you attempted to help me pick it up... which was too funny. That little box weighs a lot. After a little screaming and grunting you got it to come somewhat off the floor ;)

and like I mentioned earlier... I'm using my smash book as a way to keep track of things and plan out my project life stuff. It actually works really well. The picture glued in looks 

SCARY!! hahaha.

Here is a quick sample of the design and kit I chose. It LOOKS FANTASTIC! there is a great design and layout to this project that I love. It works well for what I want to do

and hey anyone can do it anywhere!

Look at my temporary pl station... my kitchen counter ;)
hey it works. I keep my album there closed to the side so I can open it as I go. I put a little basket and keep my journaling card box right there on top of the microwave... and shoot if I get hungry I just whip something up real quick


another day down, sick baby, and pl updates...

Oh for the love of..


that's literally all i've seen tonight. You are so sick! I feel bad because you are still so young that I really can't give you anything to help you get over it. Luckily you aren't overly grumpy.

I've also added a few new things to my Project Life list.

I picked up a smash book to help me plan, organize, and play with journaling and emperphia. 

then I picked up their date stamp to help me label the journal cards. I LOVE it already
next I ordered my project life kit from Becky Higgins. I went with the Clementine edition. I guess I couldn't pass something up from Lili!! 

and I grabbed some design A page protectors.

and I couldn't pass up getting some Washi Tape from Cutetape.

Thats my start for after the December Daily ends. I've been having so much fun with December Daily I can't believe I'm over half way finished!! I'm completely caught up on all journaling... I just have some decorating things and photos to print off. Not bad for this lady ;)

I hope to take some time tomorrow to go and pick up my pl kit, try and find more smash supplies at Michaels (they were sold out earlier) make some prints, decorate the dd pages, and spend the day with you  <3 
sounds like a perfect thursday
xo Mommy