Tuesday, May 3, 2011

My 3 years of Scrapbooking... scrapbooking goals

As I've passed into May I'm happy to close up my little 3 year scrap history review.. and I would like to set my goals for the next year. I honestly don't have long term goals simply because I say you never know what to expect. Did I know last February that I was going to be pregnant? NO, did I know that in October I would deliver my first baby.. NO did I know that the entire career path would change dramatically? NO and did I know sitting here today that I would be relaxing on the couch typing scrapbooking goals while daddy washes dishes, and you jump in your jumper @ 7 months old watching your favorite show?? NO NO NO!! So how could I have ever made a long term goal and expect to keep it... My goals would have not mattered anyway because there is no where else I would rather be or I would rather be doing. So life goals... ahh not so much. I do make other small lists of things I would like to do ex: Bucket Lists.... Like this one I made for you:

or a goal for your first birthday... tho who knows in 5 months what I'll really do

Despicable Me 1st Birthday Party

**to be continued ;)**

haha I know I tease but you'll have to wait till your first birthday to see the rest of my plans!! its going to be huge!!

ok ok to my scrapbooking goals since thats what I'm suppose to be talking about,

<Focus on my Journaling>

I always love my pages with fantastic journaling and so my focus is to capture and write more on my layouts. I can do this.... I can. I atleast need to make sure I'm titling, dating, and explaining lol ;)

<Pick my 1st year baby book kit>

I attempted one already and wasn't happy. I went for a large one rather than one I liked everything in it. I think i'm going with Paislee Press or One little Bird designs. OHH maybe a collab between them will work.

<Scrap atleast 50 more pages>

I think I can manage that... maybe. Well I've done 20 already so I guess I'll mark through that number and just say scrap more great pages that I can include in your 1 year album and journal book that I'm working on lol.

<create your blurb book>

*photo from Megan's blog*
Im going to take this blog and all the great relevant layout pages and photos and compile a blurb book. I can't wait for October so I can put it all together... ohh October will be an exciting month.