Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Puppet Tutorial!

lets start with a new document. Open up any element object or shape you want to start with. I'll open something rather generic.

I grabbed a little diamond butterfly from a charity kit by Jenn Barrette.

Click that puppet warp button under the edit drop screen.

when you do that your screen will disable all other actions until you click on your object to drop your place marker.

I dropped my on the wing of the butterfly. it shows as a yellow with black dot

so after that I'll decide if I want to drop other markers or begin my warping there.

since I placed markers at all points of the wings I then clicked on the circles when they have the black dots and I can begin to manipulate the element. I can make the little wings curve or make the antennas bent...

and so on.

so here is before and after.

also a close up to show how detail isn't lost!!

I took a straight ribbon and made it into a heart... keeping all detail.