Sunday, May 1, 2011

My 3 years of Scrapbooking... Loves, Laughs, Cries, elements, and paper

So one of my greatest adventures and life altering hobbies that I found was 

Digital Scrapbooking

I've always love to scrapbook, but was just terrible at it. I really couldn't afford all of the supplies, and I was annoyed by anything "laying' around the house, so the thought of a bunch of supplies laying everywhere makes me cringe. 

So one day on the phone with Grandma Toby she said you have to check out these digital scrapbooking site, kits, and forums. These people would help you and I'll help you learn how to make a digital layout

and so I said okay lets do this!! and 3 years ago this month... I joined my first forum and made long friendships with some of the amazing women that are in this community.

from then on, Sweet Shoppe Designs has become a "home" to me. I've celebrated, cried, laughed, opened up, mentored, looked up too, chatted, and enjoyed many personal and fun chats with these ladies. With some inspirations from them....

 I made my first digital Scrapbooking layout


OMG can I absolutely see EVERYTHING that is wrong with this layout.... ack its such an eyesore. 

first of all there isn't dimension to it at all. I don't think I've touched this layout with a drop shadow. Also look at the annoyingly "floating" text. I know digital can break some "traditional" pages... but that text is so wrong!! Where is the story????? THIS IS MOMMY's and DADDY's wedding.... and you would have no idea the story behind it, what happened, who was there... blah blah blah... These things the layout should say not me in your blog over 3 years later. oh and looking now I would say this was from the planning stage!!! not even my wedding. Now thats the dress but not my bouquet and then we married on Ft. Walton Beach in Destin Florida. So yea idk what I was thinking... but yeah this isn't what I wanted relayed in the layout.

So over 3 years... where my design has grown and evolved to what it is today, I can say I'm much more enthusiastic and excited about it.

Here is my most recent layout. It is a template because I'm making it for a little challenge... but here is is....

wait look back up there... now scroll back down... yep see that

amazingly different layouts!! Even tho I'm using a template you can tell I now know how to use

Drop Shadows, correct font work, layering, angles, and total design work is all successful.


to be continued.....