Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Currently 10/30

So another year down and another milestone behind us. Its like this strange bitter sweet thing. You are getting so big and becoming this little girl that will define you, but at the same time I'm losing the baby and it becomes bitter sweet. I can't help but be a little sad about it.

We are embracing all the changes coming to us at the big milestone of turning 3. I'm doing my best to embrace all changes anyway.

This big change is you started preschool. You've been going for 3 weeks now. The first week it was so sad, you were so upset leaving mom and dad for the first time. The second week was much better and you really started to settle in and become accustomed to the routine... even tho you tried to get out of going. On the first day of the second week you got sick and I let you take a day off, well you learned that being sick got you out of school so when you woke up you said "I'm sick" and we were both like "you are okay enough to go to school" on the way out you said "This sucks" Its so funny because its only preschool, just wait baby it gets worse ;)

So with you going to school and I have the day off I'm actually able to get caught up on stuff. Its strange not having you here right now since I usually always have you if I'm home, but I'm taking the opportunity to get our project life album caught up, printing photos, cleaning house, cleaning the car, and running errands. I have my coffee in hand and great music... I can get a lot completed with those in hand.

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Comparing photos

So I just checked out this blog online.. And the photos look terrible. I was trying these new applications and I'm wondering if they are causing the photos to come out worse. I know the canon we have takes the best but it slows me down when I have to carry it, process them, upload them, and so on... So I always love the camera phone for quick snapshots. Maybe just maybe I need to wipe the dust off the canon and get back on track!!
So here is the exact same photo with the different applications- let's see 
Camera ios7 iPhone 5
Instagram application with filter
A beautiful mess application with filter
Now to view online and see. 

Monday, October 7, 2013

Currently 10/7

Another super awesome week down!!! 

Highlights of this week are-
Your 3rd birthday!!
Your birthday party
Starting preschool

Hanging out with Abby
Eating bday funfetti cake pancakes
Previous post has all the party photos but here is one of my favorite projects
And my favorite photo since I see this face all the time
Getting you backpack ready for school 
I think I might cry... You are officially a preschooler!!
Another exciting week- happy I've been keeping up with these we will see how well I continue it 

A third birthday

We celebrated another supertastic birthday party!!! Most of the party details were DIY ideas that I got from Pinterest and it was themed around your favorite things

You had so much fun and loved every minute of it. Can't wait to start another year!!