Wednesday, April 25, 2012

week in the life day 2!!

Monday 4/24 witl update:

my evernote journal-

Monday- a nice sleep in day relaxing and watching emmas favorite movie while mommy reads stress less weigh less by holly mosier

Took a long bath. It was more like playing though. You had so much fun!

10 am started cleaning the house. Finished at 1045. No real plans to do anything the rest of the day. I work at 130-930 then daddy works 11-7.

So i checked with uncle john (daddy was so tired he went to bed immediately and woke up just in time to leave for work) how your afternoon was. He said he fell asleep around 3 pm and u were up but by the time he woke up at 930 you were asleep. So im thinking a long nap happened. Oh and some messyness around the house lol.

When i got home we ran to give uncle ryan a money order but they spelled his name wrong so he couldnt have it. So we will tey again tomorrow. After we grabbed some McDonalds and drank a yummy milkshake. Your first one EVER!! Btw... u loved it.

Then we played around the house. You always love when i make your toys peek up at you from behind something so we did that. When finished we finished up a letter to uncle ryan which included a drawing from you. You drew with both hands... i wonder if youll end up a leftie or rightie.

Now its 1145 and you are relaxing on me watching a movie. You are getting pretty sleepy.

Mommy day at work. LONG day. We had fbla state convention and it gave us a busy day. We made 206% of our goal!! We doubled what we should have made. Our store is also 15th in the entire company last week ... awesome business = long days.

Im going to end another night i feel like im keeping up so well and im still enjoying the process.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Week in the life thoughts and day 1

Well ive decided to do week in the life for the second time. I enjoyed it so much last year... i felt i would love it even more this year
Conclusion after 2 days... i do!!
My goal is to mostly evernote journaled, like project life scripted, instagramed, and facebooked, week in the life.
Ive documented the first two days in mommy journaling and snapshots. I made lists, added times, favorite stuff, places we went, songs we heard, food we ate... ect.
My journal for day 1-
Schedule for the week:
Sunday- grandmas birthday
Earth day and brady/evan play date.
Monday- Thursday work and emma time
Friday- grandmas visit. Grandmas birthday
Saturday daddys bday day
sunday daddys birthday.
Woke up early
Went to walmart to pick up some necessities.
Went home to get ready to go to grandmas.
Picked up her photo and a cheesecake gift
Heading out at 11am.
Photos 1,2 daddy driving... emma sleeping
3 snapshot mommy day 1.
Photo 4 retake for crazy hair lol.
Photo 5 looks like a storm is moving in :(
Im afraid we might not get to go to earth day
*listening to skrillix
Spent 3 hrs at great grandmas house. Had a big lunch and hung out with 40+ people to celebrate her 75th bday.
You were only happy outside so you could run around. You even got cookies and soda which is rare. You played with harper (daddys cousins 2 yr old baby) we spent time with your aunts, grandparents, and lex when she wasnt running with the big kids.
4 pm At home hanging out with john, sam, mom and dad... you are still sleeping on the couch. We were stuck watching some terrible show sam likes called the hard times of rj burger. Terrible show i warn you.
After dropping sam off we relaxed at the house and watched an old but funny tv show called that 70s show. Stephanie canceled so we spent the night in. We watched some episodes, had some dinner, then spent the late night watching a favorite movie called how to train your dragon.
** you sit the exact same as me. Right leg crossed over left leg. I looked down and we were identical. Im going to close off sunday. We will spend the rest of the night just you and i. Daddy had to go to work.
Plans for tomorrow. Spend the morning together, go to the park... weather permitted, grocery shop, and clean the house. Mommy works at 130pm-930pm. Youll spend that time with daddy. Ill attempt to have him grab some "daily life stuff"
Dream. I was doikng a show and a girl wanted a witch hallowed out piering and a couldron tattoo. And it was like a reality show. I had my a senator alton brown as a guest on the show
So as u can see its quick journals and tidbits that will help me remember what i want to write in greater detail.
Im also taking tons of photos. Just snapping with my phone for now.

facebook status updates:

Had a nice day with the family now its time to relax with my baby :)

so I haven't check my old email in forever... like 2000 messages plus, but I found buried in that a very important email. Talk about the perfect time for someone to hack my shit and needing to go through and update everything!!

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Journal: omgosh its been a few months...

I believe I have some serious issues keeping up with a blog on a daily.. weekly.. shoot even monthly basis. Oh well I'll keep trying to update this ever chance I get. 

I keep this going only for Emma. This is her blog, her story, bits and pieces of mom and dad, things that we love, and things that make up who we are.

I don't simple stop documenting even tho the blog itself gets neglected. I keep up through Facebook and Pintrest.

So whats going on in Emma's life??

one word.. Potty Training! 

Since today you snagged of your diaper and decided to poop on the floor!!! ahhhh We figure its officially time to kick it in and get you going in the potty rather than mommy's floor ;)

I have an awesome article pinned from Pintrest that I will be using to teach you how.