Saturday, April 21, 2012

Journal: omgosh its been a few months...

I believe I have some serious issues keeping up with a blog on a daily.. weekly.. shoot even monthly basis. Oh well I'll keep trying to update this ever chance I get. 

I keep this going only for Emma. This is her blog, her story, bits and pieces of mom and dad, things that we love, and things that make up who we are.

I don't simple stop documenting even tho the blog itself gets neglected. I keep up through Facebook and Pintrest.

So whats going on in Emma's life??

one word.. Potty Training! 

Since today you snagged of your diaper and decided to poop on the floor!!! ahhhh We figure its officially time to kick it in and get you going in the potty rather than mommy's floor ;)

I have an awesome article pinned from Pintrest that I will be using to teach you how.