Friday, November 22, 2013

Thanksgiving Moms side

So Thursday the 21st we went to grandmas house to celebrate thanksgiving early. It was perfect and everyone was able to be there. We ate turkey and other usual turkey day stuff and we had fun hanging out. You and I also got our birthday presents which was product from sephora and a teddy bear that seriously is almost as tall as me! We named him Ted.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Birthday week

So today is my birthday and I hit the big 27! Spent it with the two coolest people around- you and daddy. Also worked on project life.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Currently 11/10

Today and yesterday really marked a major mind shift for me. I decided I wasn't happy with the decision the leave my industry and that working as a retail store manager wasn't keeping me fulfilled anymore, so it's officially I'm going back to being a hairstylist. I've spoke with my friend who manages a sport clips salon and she will be bringing me on the next opening she has. I feel like a weight has be lifted and I have that career purpose again. I'll also be using my degree which helps.. Don't even get me started on that one. So 2013 one little word was change, I have to say I truly embraced that word and lived by it.

On a fun note I've been diving into December daily, Christmas Shopping, birthday shopping, and we've had a mommy+daughter date. 
Here are some recent photo love

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Thankful this month.. Only for some.

Yes I'm thankful for many things... Still can't gather myself to document exactly 30 days, come up with meaningful post, and share with everyone on Facebook. It's funny that people can tho, and a post that reaches more than a sentence I ignore the rest of it. It's not meant to be rude though I'm sure that's what it is. Just I don't feel like I need to spill my heart on Facebook. Pretty much anyone on there knows me and they know how I am... A heart spiller just isn't me. Everyone seems to be thankful for the same things- wife/husband, kids, work/co-workers, and anything involving chocolate/coffee. As we have reached day 7 of this "I'm posting everyday my thankful list" people have reached the point of repeats!!  Are you truly thankful anymore? Have you expired all possible reasons to be thankful -minus the standard reasons?? I feel I'm just the most irritated that people today bypass the entire holiday that is the month of November. The pass up fall and enjoying the changing of the season and the delicious food that comes with the family get togethers. We go from Halloween straight to Christmas. The only thing that seems to mark the in between is Black Friday which now begins at 8pm thanksgiving night. Oh well enough of a rant