Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cover Page, Planning, and Project Life Week 13 down

So I actually attempted to update my week 13 from my phone... 

Yeah that didn't work! You couldn't see the photos or tell what I was updating. 

So I've made a new post and uploaded directly from my computer. I really want to keep with sharing my weekly pages with everyone, So lesson learned. 

This most likely will take some extra time since I've gotten sidetracked with you, Community, and blog updating!!

OMG by the way I'm hooked on this show ;) you'll have to watch it one day when you are old enough... tho I bet it wont be as funny to you

To start with let me share my cover page. I had so much fun making this. Its as creative as this woman gets with scrapbooking too.

Mainly I used Project life kit Clementine by Becky Higgins
I also used the smash book travel pad for the little cutouts that I wrote our names and ages on.
I used some Washi tape and a sharpie to write on the polka dot card.
I picked up some Thickers from Hobby Lobby to put the R and 12 on..
*yeah thats a 12 covered up by your adorable hand! 
Then I used some journaling grid cards and used my corner chomper to round them back again.
I used my Smash book date stamp to date the years.
I use my Sharpie and my Smash book pen to do my writing. I'm hooked on the look I get with the two different sizes.

Now here is week 13 two page spread. I'm wanting to add a 10 page photo insert where I tell about your new climbing obsession! I also want to add a little tidbit insert to tell Uncle Ryan's Story... I'm just not entirely sure how I want to do it yet. Its a pretty rough and indepth story so I was actually thinking I might seal it shut til you are quite a bit older.

So close up of the side 1 journaling cards. I used the 2 size markers and again loved it. I think I'll keep with it throughout the rest of the pages. We both got 2 fortune cookies and both of them said how we would both live a long life! So unique I loved it. I documented some about the new year, project life, and how you've gotten a new habit *CLIMBING*

Picture and snipet of you and your new chair and you with our new project life kit!! That's a little insert from the kit when we got it.

Here is the other side. again a closeup of the four journal cards. I added one of the little stickers included with the kit. The stickers are cute, I'm just not 100% on how I want to use them yet. I really love the happy birthday I did with a big sharpie. Its a great way to title. 

again I matched up a photo with a snipet. It was your new fridge phonics and a joke at how obsessive compulsive mommy and daddy are. Daddy lined up all your magnets in alphabetical order and we use the certain letter to correspond with what we stick to the fridge. Its funny if we are paying rent and stuck it to the fridge it gets an R. We move them down for you to play and we put them back in order to make sure you don't loose one. 

so here is a look at this week and kinda an idea of how I use post its to plan the week out.

So I immediately insert the left date card, and put all 8 of my journal cards in. I usually don't write out on the cards immediately unless I feel its a story I'll forget. I drop a little orange post it note so I keep track of the 8 stories. Last week i had a few extras, so I changed it up and didn't loose my journal cards. The best thing I've done to keep track is the post its. sometimes I'll drop a post it where my photos are so when I snap the photo I'll know where I want to put them. 

My list of what I used this time is

And I want to share some of the amazing inspiration I've found thoughout the web. I keep up with these ladies since they are a constant source of Inspiration.

I'm going to do my best to keep this up to date with inspiration to share with my fellow memory keepers. Emma I'll keep this up to date to share your stories and memories so we never forget all the fun and love we share together


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  4. Awesome job on your project! It's looking great. And I just love how you blog to your child - what a neat idea :)