Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Affair

Okay since I love to tell you about everything going on... I really couldn't pass up telling you about


they are quoting it the 
"Wedding of the Century"

Its one of the most talked about events for sure. I think over in Britain its just a big deal because of the Royal Family and the fact that one day this will be their Queen. Here in America... We don't have a Royal Family.. or anything close to that, and so we find the whole everyday girl becoming a princess a very intriguing event.  Mostly because from books and movies through out time we've always wanted to be a princess, we wanted to wear the dress, and we wanted the title. Its been our fairytale and in our dreams. I know I was always most intrigued by the story of Cinderella. You'll know it I'll one day read it to you.

She was a commoner who became princess. This is a story we all grew up too, and now we have our real life storybook princess story.

i don't think the Royal family let anyone down... and spared no expense on what I've heard was a million dollar affair... but anyway here are some photos...

Thursday, April 28, 2011

As we come to the end of 6 months

as we near the end of April.. it marks the end of a new age...

6 months!

and its been so fun and exciting!

what we did:

April 1- Moved in to our new apartment, Grandpa Ronnie's Birthday
April 8- You crawled for the first time
April 10- celebrate family Easter
April 14- Weigh in @ 16lbs. 8oz. 
April 18- Mommy meet with Cancer Specialist, and was cleared
April 19- Mommy meet with a Plastic Surgeon about her surgery
April 20- 6 month Well Baby Visit and 6 month Baby shots
April 23- Easter meet up with Mommy's family
April 24- Your First Easter! Meet with Daddy's family
April 27- Grandma Toby's birthday
April 29- Daddy's Birthday

Who you meet with:
First time- Will and Barbara.. mommy's and daddy's friends

Seen entire family on both sides
stayed your first visit with the babysitter

.::some pictures from last month::.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Simple Loves

I'm always a lover of many things. and right now... I'm keeping this so simple that it makes me super happy when I think about it. 



It keeps track of my "boards" and all the different projects/recipes/tutorials that I find online, then I "pin" them and I can keep track of them. I also can keep track of other people who post stuff I think I'll like. I find so many great things.

Like here I just searched and someone posted this awesome party idea! This would fit so perfect on what I'm planning for your 1st birthday. 

Baby Talk:

You are learning to talk... which is absolutely on of MY FAVORITE milestones you've hit. Just a few minutes ago you were talking like crazy, and Daddy and I kept saying 

Momma!!! then dad would say no Dadda!!
no MOMMA!!!!
no DADDA....

yes it does go on for awhile.... 

your favorite is BAABAA... hmm food yep not mommy or daddy 
hahaha its okay.... it will be MOMMA ;)

Miche Bags:

I love love love my new handbag

when I want a new one, I can just pop of the "cover" and replace it with a new "shell"
its the best thing since sliced pie.


A friend of mine made one of her blog and she showed it around... now I want one. Thanks Megan ;)

I know I neglect this blog so often, but I still have my ways of documenting all the milestones even when I forget. 

My daily accessories always include::

My Iphone
My Sony Cybershot Camera
My CalGoo App
My Facebook App

Friday, April 1, 2011

the ups and downs of a sick baby...

Yeah its 2:05 am...

and I'm WIDE awake....

you are trying to sleep off one of the worst colds you've had.

its been a lot of ups { crying/snifflings/cries/whines/and fusses...}

and a few downs {long long naps as you try your hardest to sleep this bugger off}

Its super sweet though. You were half asleep and playing with my hand, staring at me, and just super relaxed by the fact you are in mommy's arms. I have to say its the best feeling ever... but that doesn't last... You get super grumpy and "handsy" as I call it. You will grab my hair, my face, my nose, pull my hair, scratch my face, and just plain MEAN!

can't say that I haven't been the most patent of mothers, but who can help that right?? You feel pretty helpless when you can't do anything to help you along the way. If you feel anything like Mommy and Daddy feel... You are the new spokes rep for Vicks...

“The Nighttime, Sniffling, Sneezing, Coughing, Aching, Stuffy Head, Fever, So You Can Rest Medicine.”

So what I ask is this... How come they have a billion products for colds for us... but not a single thing for a little 6 month old?? 

I think by know we could come up with:
Infant halls...
Infant Nyquil...

because both of those are sure helping us!! 

or some other super safe alternative...


my sicky baby


my super happy baby again.

Thanks drained supermom.