Thursday, April 28, 2011

As we come to the end of 6 months

as we near the end of April.. it marks the end of a new age...

6 months!

and its been so fun and exciting!

what we did:

April 1- Moved in to our new apartment, Grandpa Ronnie's Birthday
April 8- You crawled for the first time
April 10- celebrate family Easter
April 14- Weigh in @ 16lbs. 8oz. 
April 18- Mommy meet with Cancer Specialist, and was cleared
April 19- Mommy meet with a Plastic Surgeon about her surgery
April 20- 6 month Well Baby Visit and 6 month Baby shots
April 23- Easter meet up with Mommy's family
April 24- Your First Easter! Meet with Daddy's family
April 27- Grandma Toby's birthday
April 29- Daddy's Birthday

Who you meet with:
First time- Will and Barbara.. mommy's and daddy's friends

Seen entire family on both sides
stayed your first visit with the babysitter

.::some pictures from last month::.