Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Simple Loves

I'm always a lover of many things. and right now... I'm keeping this so simple that it makes me super happy when I think about it. 



It keeps track of my "boards" and all the different projects/recipes/tutorials that I find online, then I "pin" them and I can keep track of them. I also can keep track of other people who post stuff I think I'll like. I find so many great things.

Like here I just searched and someone posted this awesome party idea! This would fit so perfect on what I'm planning for your 1st birthday. 

Baby Talk:

You are learning to talk... which is absolutely on of MY FAVORITE milestones you've hit. Just a few minutes ago you were talking like crazy, and Daddy and I kept saying 

Momma!!! then dad would say no Dadda!!
no MOMMA!!!!
no DADDA....

yes it does go on for awhile.... 

your favorite is BAABAA... hmm food yep not mommy or daddy 
hahaha its okay.... it will be MOMMA ;)

Miche Bags:

I love love love my new handbag

when I want a new one, I can just pop of the "cover" and replace it with a new "shell"
its the best thing since sliced pie.


A friend of mine made one of her blog and she showed it around... now I want one. Thanks Megan ;)

I know I neglect this blog so often, but I still have my ways of documenting all the milestones even when I forget. 

My daily accessories always include::

My Iphone
My Sony Cybershot Camera
My CalGoo App
My Facebook App