Friday, April 29, 2011

A Royal Affair

Okay since I love to tell you about everything going on... I really couldn't pass up telling you about


they are quoting it the 
"Wedding of the Century"

Its one of the most talked about events for sure. I think over in Britain its just a big deal because of the Royal Family and the fact that one day this will be their Queen. Here in America... We don't have a Royal Family.. or anything close to that, and so we find the whole everyday girl becoming a princess a very intriguing event.  Mostly because from books and movies through out time we've always wanted to be a princess, we wanted to wear the dress, and we wanted the title. Its been our fairytale and in our dreams. I know I was always most intrigued by the story of Cinderella. You'll know it I'll one day read it to you.

She was a commoner who became princess. This is a story we all grew up too, and now we have our real life storybook princess story.

i don't think the Royal family let anyone down... and spared no expense on what I've heard was a million dollar affair... but anyway here are some photos...