Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week in the life 10.29

Week in the life day 3 10.29

I did not track as well today as normal. Since the stressful day I had yesterday today started just as bad... 
By the end of the day thanks to amazing people that surround me its ended perfectly!! I spent some major time texting a friend about a new adventure, I got a super awesome gift because my friend rocks, got my birthday gift.... Which was exactly what I wanted from my mom... And best of all I got to spend the night with you and dad! You make every shitty day like 150% better. I love you. Still here's a quick list of what happened today. 
Up at 7
School from 8-11
Work from 9-8 

Night together- dinner, walking dead, ninjango, dancing, playing my little pony, text conversations, project life, reading books

Emma dad convo-
Em- here take this 
Dad- I don't want it I want to watch walking dead
Em- no I want to watch tv
Daddy gives in.... 
Em- ninjango!!!! 

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