Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Week in the life 10.28

Week in the life day 2 10.28

7:15 wake up 
8:20 school
8:45 Starbucks
9:00 work
1:30 lunch
5:00 off work/nap time 
8:00 cleaning/business texts 
9:00 play

10:00 emma-practice letter sang alphabet and said matching word and sang alphabet rock and sing wheels on the bus! Practicing our communication 
10:00 momma-pinterest, week in the life, facebook, Instagram, and end of the day business planning. Side singing nursery rhymes 
10:00 daddy- playing crucible rounds on destiny. 

So today I have to admit was way more stressful than yesterday and I'm afraid tomorrow will be much worse. I usually do my best to keep it from home since the stress is from work. So we started off with our regular routine for the morning. It stays very structured and doesn't change much. After I dropped you off I made a stop by Starbucks and grabbed my mocha and then went to work. I'm working as a salon coordinator and I spent the day working as a receptionist and teaching the apprentice we have, making changes to appointments and keeping things up to date. Work was from 930-5 and that totaled the stressful time today. When I got home you were already napping so I joined you and slept til around 8 when I responded to work texts, business texts, and all that. We played around and I got the house cleaned up! You and daddy totally get the privilege of making whatever messes you want during the day. You even rode your bike around the house! How it ended up inside I haven't a clue. We are ending the night with our usual ended winding down to learning on the iPhone, mommy responding to business stuff, social media, and finishing up WITL notes, and daddy playing some destiny! It's such a relaxing evening after the day I've had. 

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