Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Week in the life 10.27

Week in the life day one Monday 10.27
Wake up @7:15
Ready for school
School @8:20
Dr appointment @9:00
Gift Shopping @10:00
Pick up emma @11:00
Went to the antique store @12:00
Finished the gift for whit
Played destiny @1:00
Emma playing and relaxing 
Super long nap up @8:00
Art time @8:30
Movie time- despicable me 2 @9:30
Secret late night snack cinnamon rolls 
Finishing up the night with checking social media, posting, editing photos, finishing stories, tracking calories, reviewing the calendar for the rest of the week, and just relax while you watch movies. 
So today started out by getting up early and getting ready for school. I get up at 7:15 but I always let you sleep in a little more and cuddle with daddy after he gets off at 7:00. After I'm ready (which is an exact routine mind you) I get you ready. You are the most dramatic morning person. You'll still act half asleep and drag around, force to be held and make mommy put your clothes on just to get you moving... Yep a little drama queen and I love it. After that I drop you off at school and you spend the morning with mrs becky and mrs merin. While you were in class ain't Sam and I went around and did some shopping for aunt Whitney's birthday gift. We still weren't finished when it was time to pick you up so we did some more shopping after. We grabbed some lunch and headed hope before the storm hit. You spent the afternoon painting and working in you preschool workbook with aunt Sam while daddy and I played some destiny. It's a new game on the ps4 that we play a lot. You go around forcing us to play sometimes. You love watching us game and watching our character when we make them dance. After that we relaxed around the house so much that we ended up taking a super long nap! So worth it tho. We didn't end up waking up til around 8. We spent the night painting some more, uploading photos and editing some from the day, watching movies... Despicable me 2 for the second time now, and updating my notes, calorie tracker, posting to the blog, reviewing my calendar and preparing for the rest of the week! 

It's always so great to spend the day off snuggled up and doing the things we love to do together. You are seriously the best kid ever and I'm so blessed to spend my days with you. I can't wait to go the rest of the week sharing stories and snapping pictures of your life. 

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