Sunday, May 1, 2011

3 years of Scrapbooking... Hits and Misses scrapping for others...

As I continue through learning a little more about myself... I want this blog to be dedicated to you, but also I want you to  know more about everyone who is around you. I do that through scrapbooking as well. Before I had you.. I really only scrapped about myself, Daddy, your family, and travels ect... I've noticed now that you are born I've focused only on you... and I can't forget you wanna know more than just you.

<scrapping for others, rather than myself>

I've noticed the layouts I love from the layouts I hate... our the ones that I put all my heart into rather than just trying to meet a requirement for a ct team. When I purchase the kit for myself and its one I really really love... I get more into it and create absolutely beautiful layouts. I can also see separate time lines where I have more mojo than other times. I think it happens to all of us at some point in time but I notice if I scrap for myself and myself only... I am so much happier! I'll journal a story, I'll place the elements, and critique so much better than the opposite of I have this kit and in 2 days I must make a layout, work full time, watch you, play with you, feed you, feed myself, blah blah blah lol.

this is one of my favorite layouts of all time.... It has so much love and meaning to it... its perfectly set and clustered and shadowed to be perfect.

and one of my least favorites...

okay yea I scrapped daddy in a girly girly of all girl kits. wait I think I may have missed shadows again... wait is there a title anywhere??? a story??? a date?? journal?? 
This is what happens to me when I scrap for others. I was on a creative team... had my day or two to complete the layout... couldn't I suppose and I made something. Completely not happy with it... and I didn't do the kit justice at all. 

over the years I've worked with some of the most amazing designers you can meet...
Scrap Orchard
Shawna Clingerman
Valorie Wibbons
Emily Powers
Jenn Barrette
Traci Reed
I've also guested with some amazing women
Lauren Grier
Kate Hadfield
Darcy Baldwin

and so on... but as much as I miss them... I'm happy to scrap to my hearts content. Then if I need a day off I can take it.. if I want a week off its mine.

I had also tried to sell templates... again not my love. 

to be continued