Thursday, December 16, 2010

Momma Advice!

So I found a great mom blogger with some awesome tips...
Since you tend to prone to having diaper rashes, and the harshness of baby wipes... I'm considering giving this little project a go!!
how super simple!! idk tho dad kinda gave it the weird look tho. I think he may like the convenience of wipes.
What we like to do is use cotton balls and water rather than wipes so its very similar to what shes doing too.

"The taller container holds half of a roll of papertowel. I started out just using this when I was using disposable diapers. However, once I moved to cloth diapers I was interested in using cloth wipes too. This is because when changing diapers we all have a tendency to throw the wipe in with the diaper. So what happens is you end up washing disposable wipes. After my friend gave me the homemade baby wipes I thought- hey, I could do this with wash cloths. And I did. And I like it. I actually like both for different reasons. But first I'll show you how to make them. These make a great gift for baby showers (I know first hand). For mine I received the container with a set of wipes already made, a bottle of baby wash and a bottle of baby oil. The container had a cute little ribbon and label on it and she included the recipe. "