Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Project Planning: 12x12 storybook for PROJECT LIFE!

whew one super wore out processing batch later... I can actually give an example of what my game plan is for your 12x12 shutterfly book!! 

I was inspired by the super talented Paislee Press 
I love her because shes super minimalistic yet catchy and amazing!
I was inspired by her HOT OFF THE PRESS! blog entry there

isn't that super adorable right?? I'm going to leave

Book Analysis!!
12x12 bounded photobook from Shutterfly **this will be an entire year project**
stay minimalistic!
12x12 photo collages
here is my first sample page!!

During Pregnancy

**I'm really concerned how that many photos will print that small tho**
81 photos to be exact! whew some photoshop processing when into that!! thank god for that template
Storybook themed journaling
I may re-think the collages and keep them for project Em the blog... and use these instead. then I'll just highlight my absolute favorites... this will probably be more likely

most likely I'll remove a few things and edit it myself.
I do have a whole mess of template ideas... I'll probably switch up through the weeks.
I would also like to find a nice minimalist kit to use
right now I'm working with this....

thats what the blog and pages so far are made from.

<--- I really love how this looks!! I'm just thinking of soooo many photos I can make to take up a whole page!!

well I'm suppose to be getting ready to do some exercises, then I'll be heading back to work... My first day back since September!!! This will also be my first day away from you for more than a couple hours....