Thursday, December 23, 2010

Project Planning: Its about time to start!!

So I pretty much have gathered all I need to start my albums!! Your wonderful Grandmother passed me down some much need supplies to use/borrow/keep!! Combined with all my searching and purchasing... Some small things still to go... I have everything big I need to begin.

I now have
My found and recycled items

basically whats there is:

assortment of Art Supplies
Paper Assortmants
tacky adhesive (probably will change)
found elements
found recycle paper
photos/ultrasound/med cards and art drawings
fabrics/threads/beads and other essentials

Closeup of supplies- i'm being very creative and using many found and unique items

Canon 40D with lens
Toshiba Laptop with multiple PDFs/hybrid/digital downloads... (also your baby Einstein shows)
Xbox controller for music selections

More closeups of supplies and essentials.

My recent purchases:
me and my big ideas cardstock
some pick cardstock (but i'll go darker pink)
3 rings
corner rounder
hole punch (but already got a better one)
ribbon assortment
Emma's mail with her name :)

NOW grandma's hand me downs include some big items and a lot of other essentials

paper cutters/ magnetic mats/ adhesives/ thread/ needles/ sewing machines/ other scrapping equiptment

a crop a dile

 a cricut with 8 cartridges

and assortments that I really honestly still need to look through.

I have a few more little things to buy like some journaling paper assortments, buttons, threads, and any other little things I may see.