Thursday, December 30, 2010

we will begin a new year. (bucket list/goals)

with the start of the new year, its a start of a new focus for myself.

I'm focusing on one word this next year and I'll be reminding myself often and reflecting on it as much as I can, and that word is


You will be turning 3 months soon, I'm finally settling into the new lifestyle of motherhood, and daddy has picked up fatherhood perfectly! In that I'm able to step back for a second and see where 2010 really took me, and exactly where I want 2011 to take me. The problem I have is I often forget... I lay my goals aside, my aspirations away, my photographing and recordkeeping on the back burner, I forget to exercise, I wont keep up with taking care of myself, and lay my thoughts aside for everyday life. I also forget how absolutely lucky I am.... when I get to stressed to remember. That isn't okay, and thats what I want to teach you and pass down to you baby... I want you to be a strong and confident woman.

So I would like to list my "bucket list" and goals for 2011! I wont say I'll successfully finished, but I will focus on them every second of my life.

Spend the most time possible with you
spend every second I can with Daddy
Reflect on my One Word for 2011- Remember
Complete one month of the 30 day shred by Jillian Michaels
complete atleast 3 months of project 333- 3 months of 33 fashion wardrobe
create one altered journal album
keep up with posting, journaling, photographing, and documenting your first year of life
do as many of the project love me challenge prompts so you learn more about me
take you to the zoo
take you to the pool
teach you to sit up
teach you to say your first word
learn to prepare some new dinners
read a new book
lose my extra baby weight
do a baby and mommy class
plan a super awesome 1st birthday
make your first birthday cake
print a album

( I'll probably add more later )