Thursday, December 16, 2010

Project Planning: Creating Spray Masking with inks!!

So I'm loving all the spray maskings I'm seeing... so searching around I found a super easy tip on creating them and assembling a page with it.

masking technique (and escape art journal entry)

again I'm still over on eve's blog... she so inspiring. Honestly I would say you could hang over there all day and pick up so many great tutorials, products, tips, and inspiration.

"Mix TH's Peeled Paint reinker with water in Mini Mister. Put paper/mask piece inside box and spray randomly about 8-10 inches away from paper. I also like to use a brayer with foam attachment and pigment ink on this masking technique but was just too lazy to clean up the foam attachment afterwards. This Mini Mister technique is super quick and fun. When the ink dried slightly, I removed the mask and used my heat gun to speed up the drying process a bit more."

I loved reading the entire post over there. I'm so inspired to start creating my art journals... ahh to my large bucket list of projects that I'll explain soon enough!!