Monday, January 17, 2011

Things I do in spare time??

So I'm sure you wonder what crazy things your momma does when shes bored?? 

lets see....

I create artwork! Mommy loves to grab out an old paint brush and a dirty shirt while I spend my afternoon covering a stretched white canvas with acrylic paints.

I love to photograph! I photograph mostly you, your puppy, mommy and daddy, and family and friends. 

then I love to digitally scrapbook!! its an amazing stress reliever and its a community full of amazing women.

I create digital layouts like this one!

and then I create and work for many amazing women at:

Scrap Orchard- full time
Lauren Grier- February *hopefully longer after that*
Log you rmemory- June 2011

So I spend a lot of time in their forums and chatting with people. 

then I spend time on Facebook

then I'm either working on your blog, exercising, working, motivating women, and then the majority of my time is doing my favorite thing in the whole world.....


xoxo Mommy