Sunday, January 9, 2011

Journal entry- 1/9/11 Photo a day!

so super happy momma today! I've recently acquired some new people to create for! thats right I'll finally be able to digital scrapbook again. What is a creative team?? well what a creative team member does is work with a graphic designer/or group of graphic designers to create or make pages/projects with their work to showcase and help them advertise, in return... you get the products for free if you meet certain requirements such as advertising requirements and creative  requirements. Its a super great community of very talented women! I can't wait to share all the work I do with you, and maybe omg yes maybe one day... we can do it together!!! i guess if its still cool and all. lol So you'll be seeing amazing products/challenges/techniques/tips/and layouts from:

LogYourMemory (starting June)


Lauren Grier Designs (temporary.. in hopes for a perm spot)

okay so this might sound funny... but all the women who do what I do, have what we call the "Dream Gig" or the "Dream Team" that we wanna work for. Its usually someone we buy from or someone we just admire... ect... well two nights ago Momma got her dream team!! its only what we call a "guest spot" (which means we will work for her for a month in hopes of working permanently) It was the best feeling ever!! 

Thats for the month of February I'll be working with the super amazing talent lady named Lauren Grier. 

also i have your photo a day photos...




xoxo mommy

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