Thursday, January 13, 2011

Journal entry- 1/13/11, photo a day, and to my readers

To my readers-

So like any type of daily journalistic blog... you don't always have the nicest posts. Since I'm here recording for the purpose of Emma, then I don't feel like I edit out and make everything seem... all Hunky Dorry, as Emma's great grandma would call it ;) The last few days many things have happened that is really personal and hard for us. Its things that I want Emma to know, so she knows that no matter how bad or low things get, you know you will always get over it. If you do everything you can do, you will preserver. 

- REMEMBER... this is real life blogging here ;) -

journal entry-

So like I said baby, we haven't had the best of luck the last few days. Its hard, but daddy has lost his job :( Since Daddy works as an Assistant Manager of a company called Blockbuster *which honestly will not be around when you are old enough to read this.

So since Mommy is a stay at home mom and I only work a couple days at Sally Beauty Supply, We are both out looking for new jobs. I know it will be hard for a little while, but in times like these you'll come out stronger than before.

Also last night around 12 you had really bad clammy sweats so Mommy had to call the nursing hotline. You slipped and bumped your head so they wanted to check you out. I knew you were okay I just called the nurse to check on it... and they have to tell you to come in. So around midnight we drove up after a terrible snow storm and sat in the er while the examined and made sure your head was okay. It was and you are completely healthy and fine. 

Honestly since its 1 am I just wanted to journal a bit about what has happened and show you the latest photos... I'll be on later to talk more.

On a sweeter side I'm helping the community of digital scrappers lose weight. I'll be taking on the challenge as well. My job is to gather up sponsors and keep the organization of people and sponsors.

and another really cool thing is... I won the

I won with this layout-

she said some super sweet words!! it made my day. In return shes making me a super cute blinkie to share with all the ladies doing the Skinny Jeans Challenge

I love that Susan spun the challenge to work for her. She writes about being a new parent and all of the things that she would like to do with her daughter. Things that she thinks of when they cuddle quietly together. That really touched me!
by Laura-



its Emma's first band from a hospital visit, and her and daddy looking super sweet!!