Wednesday, January 19, 2011

journal entry- 1/19

credits: Grab Bag Collection

To my beautiful emma grace. Its been an amazing 3 month stretch we’ve had together. Its been full of amazing times, sad times, stressful times, joyful times, and all around fun times. You begin by simply putting the biggest smile on my face. Every new move you make, every new sound, and every giggle I hear makes me laugh. Every screaching cry and every painful somber, makes me cry. I take in everything, even though it feels like a ton of bricks resting on my chest. I never thought or knew what this would feel like, this overwhelming feeling of being a mother. A mother is a nurse, playdate, friend, comedian, scientist, imaginary tickle monster, snuggly cuddle bear, and psychic spy. I feel that I’m all those things every single day. I write you this letter so that one day you know exactly how I feel every second I’m with you. I know someday I’ll be able to show you and you know exactly what I’m saying, but for now I sit while you are asleep and think, pray, and journal down all my feelings this way. I show you all the love and affection I can every waking hour of my life. You are my life. You are everything to me. I spend my days waking up early in the morning and snuggling with you while you grab an additional hour or two of sleep. Then we head down steairs while I prep our breakfast. I usually grab a bowl of cereal and you a bottle. We both eat and I’m ready to begin the day. Somedays tough, we both sneak in an extra nap. Sometimes I take that time to do my hobbies like cleaning the house, scrapbooking, painting, or taking photographs. Usually you are my photographic inspiration so I do that when you are up. We spend our days playing, reading, singing, talking, taking pictures, watching educational television, or visiting places. Some of your favorite places to visit our your best boyfriends Brady and Evan. They are ttwin boys born to mommy’s good friends Stephanie and Mike. You also like to go to the mall and get pushed around as you check out all the faces. You love to go visit family. You have an amazing large and loving family that consist of Grandma Melody, Grandma Toby, Grandpa Ronnie, Grandpa Duane, and then your your 9 aunts and uncles. You learn so much from all ot them. Like grandma Melody taught you how to click your tongue, and Uncle Ryan taught you how to constantly stick out your tongue. It seems like you pick those things up easily. You are so stinking smart thats why! You are so far ahead on your developement that you’ve passed up most kids that are three months old. Well I look forward to all the time we still have left to spend together. I know I have a fun day planned of releaxing and cuddling, learning, singing, playing, and talking today!. Much love always.
xo Mommy


  1. that is such a beautiful letter you have wrote her that will be so cherished when she gets older.