Sunday, September 22, 2013

Currently- 9/21

Yay it's Sunday which means 
1. It's daddy's last night at his job and he'll start his new job Monday
2. Mommy is officially on vacation!! 
3. You get to go to gymnastics again
So what happened this week???
We had uncle Ryan's birthday. Unfortunately we couldn't see him but we got him these- 

I spent most days stuck at work...
But I did pull some wins and almost wins this week. 
We also hung out with aunt Sam- 
And we got super organized after we updated our phones with the new iOS 7
With iCloud and the calender app we can keep us all synced and share between phones.
This morning I got a girl at work this cake- super funny right??
And we accomplished some more party stuff. I'll make an entire party post soon I'm sure

And you were helping
Wait I think you just made a mess ;) 
Can't wait to see what all happens next week
I continue to embrace my one little word-change. I've seen what the change is every week and I love it. 

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