Sunday, September 29, 2013

Currently 9/29

Another week down and time to move on to October!! Of course things are starting to get hectic tho. October is always the worst when you work retail like I do. It's the start of the Halloween season... Which rolls right into November which is the start of the holiday shopping.. And into December which is the bane of my existence.
This week:
Gymnastics on Sunday-
And then we had mommy+daughter time
We are listening too
And we are party planning
We even picked out the birthday outfit
And we spent time creating together. 
I'm finishing up the week in the life spread... Still have like 2 days to go
I also got in the new sunshine kit!! It will be year 4 kit of choice. I absolutely love Emma and Elsie of a beautiful mess so it was the perfect choice 
I'm also hooked on a new read- it's the angel series by heaton... I seriously have an issue reading hopelessly romantic paranormal reads /shrugs 

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