Saturday, September 14, 2013

9/12 and 9/13 week in the life day 4 and 5

So I'm still have fun trying to record this entire week but I kinda sucked the last couple days!! 

I didn't take notes and I only snapped 4 pictures, but hey that happens right?? Yesterday I just sucked and today I forgot my phone at home... I never do that but hey it happened. 

Today- I worked a late shift and slept in with everyone. Everyone was still fast asleep when I left and I got some really cute snaps while everyone slept. I got a super exciting call before I left, I have a phone interview set up with the University of Missouri. It's Tuesday and I'm already praying I get the job. Then I had a long and very trying day at work. You spent the afternoon with your Aunt and then with dad when he got back from his physical test for his new job at the University. We spent the night together and did some grocery shopping and that's about it!

Yesterday- same thing I went to work, you hung out with dad all day. We spent the afternoon watching some tv and relaxing. Later that night aunt Sam came over to be here when she needed to watch you. 

My frequent favorite blog

A frequent favorite lunch

You and dad sleeping in
 Aunt Sam sleeping in
... And mom was stuck at work

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