Thursday, September 12, 2013

9/11 week in the life day 3

On day 3 and I'm still going strong with this project.

Notes from day 3-

Slept in late -11am
Bath and getting ready for day
Missed play date w/ Brady and Evan at bonkers :(
Straightened up house
Did dishes 
Confirmed gymnastics classes
Meet Natalie and Brittany at the mall play place for a play date 
At lunch together
Went to play with the trains at Barnes and Nobel
Home at 4pm
Dad left at 230pm for appointments at the hospital for his new job. 
Relaxing the afternoon at home
Practiced with your brain quest cards and listening to some music. 
You are super cranky and in need of a nap! 415 pm
Finally caught season 6 episode 1 of sons of anarchy! Love this show 
7pm you are finally napping! Guess soa is boring enough to put you to sleep... Much needed nap :)
Worked on some party planning
Finally have the inspiration boards are complete and the plans in place!
It's 2am and we are still up... Yay for late naps.... 

Party inspiration boards
iPhone applications - Instagram,a beautiful mess, and photo collage
Camera- iPhone 5 camera application 
Link credit for photos in inspiration board-

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