Wednesday, September 11, 2013

9/10 week in the life day 2

Today I made a detailed by time list of our day. These are just the notes.

Tuesday 9/10

8:00 alarm went off
8:09 woke up 
8:10 shower
8:24 hair and makeup
8:45 left for work
9:00 at work opened store
9:10 bank run 
9:20 opening paperwork
9:30 Tuesday workflow 
10:00 markdowns 
11:00 cash area clean and supply order 
1:30 lunch tuna and crackers 
2:00 worked out shipment truck
6:30 off work
6:45 home ask dad about how day went. Re-scheduled speech therapy. Scheduled physical test for dad Friday. Dad said you were talking well and read a lot. 
7:00 made dinner and ate
7:30 straighten up house daddy took care of dishes and laundry earlier. You played on the iPhone fisher price apps! An Emma favorite :)
8:00 playing gears of war 3 per Emma request 
8:15 movie time (yeah I couldn't play now... Maybe later.) despicable me movie time. While you watch movies mom checks out Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest. Movie time calls for Popsicles and popcorn 
10:30 daddy goes to work
10:45 brush teeth
11:00 bedtime stories- this is not my hat and if you give a mouse a cookie
Made a video of you saying some of your colors! 
11:15 text to dad- It was funny I told Emma she likes to watch herself on video and she asked me why.. And I was just like that's what you like to do and the she goes "I'm silly" lol too funny she knows she's silly :) 
12:30 Emma fell asleep and mom caught the latest episode of supernatural then headed to bed. 

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