Tuesday, September 10, 2013

9/9 week in the life day 1

Monday morning started out like a normal morning. I got up at 8:30 am... While you and dad slept in late. I went to work, opened the store, and did my Monday manager work like payroll, reports, and all the beginning of the month stuff. I got a call that said dad got the new job he's been waiting to hear back from!! Yay congrats for dad! He has some orientation things to do Wednesday and he starts on the 23rd. You guys came up to the mall and we had lunch together around 1:30. Then I got really sick and my assistant and another associate covered for me so I could head home early. Which was around 4:30pm. We spent the afternoon relaxing and you were super hyper since daddy decided to spoil you with some mt dew. 
We napped for a couple hours and then got up and went grocery shopping. We ended the night playing some gears of war 3 since you love to watch us play. We are hitting 3am (which is sometimes normal if you sleep a lot earlier) and we are relaxing to some adventure time. 
We will all be heading to bed later and start the new day bright and early at 8am! 
Today's photos (sick = 2 photos only ;))
Late night mom view

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