Saturday, January 11, 2014

One Little Word 2014- January

So I'm about halfway through the month of January. My word has come into play a few times already. The main reflection I've had was a few nights ago when I had an interview for my new job. I had to do a haircut and I pretty much bombed the interview and I completely fell apart. My confidence dropped and I had a miserable few days of really being concerned as to the new choice I was making. I've never felt at home in a salon and trying to go back to one is very trying on the mind and soul. With such worry and concern I set out to again look for my dream job thinking it would take forever for something that would fit. A couple nights ago Sephora had an opening for a Senior Education Consultant at our local Sephora store and it was like fate!! It's seriously my dream job. I was brave enough not to fall back and stay at my current job out of fear but to keep pushing forward and find my dream job. I haven't hesitated a moment since I seen the opening. I filled out my application that night and the next morning I took my resume to the store in hopes of the hiring manager being in. I walked in confident saying that I would do everything I could to get this job. Luck went my way and the store manager was there to greet me, and we had a mini interview right there in the middle of the store. We talked about the experience I have as an educator in the beauty industry, the fact I've worked for 2 different beauty suppliers, and that I'm a retail store manager. I have some of the perfect skills and background to do the job. So she said that she was new and she's working hard to get to doing interviews and to give her some time, but it's looking very promising that I'll get an interview. So by being brave and not taking a single step backwards no matter how much I wanted too... I might have just landed my dream job, and nailed one of my bold intentions for 2014. 

So here's a quick look at the project in my project life album- 

Intro page- brave 2014
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Project life kit- we r memory keepers -Capture
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My intention map page
Printable- Ali Edwards- one little word class printable. 

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