Thursday, January 2, 2014

One Little Word 2014 introduction/planning

Again to continue with my
bold intentions/strong commitments 
Here is my one little word plans
I signed up and will be diving in head first into the one little word workshop offered by Ali Edwards. She has been one of the most inspiring people that I follow. Back in 2010 and the birth of Emma I sent out to really start documenting life. One of the most inspiring blogs I found was In 2010 I made my first post on this blog and took that entire year going from being a digital scrapbooker to finding my way through paper scrapping. I tried and had my fails until in the end I ended up with a smash book. I'm currently attempting to go back and put that first year in project life form. I was completely taken in with the process of project life and with continual inspiration through Ali, Becky, Elise, Jamaica and Elsie I have kept 4 years of albums going. The other thing Ali inspired me to do was pick my One Little Word. I don't remember if there was ever one for 2010, but in 2011 I picked Remember, in 2012 I picked inspire, and then 2013 I had picked change. This year when I made the choice of brave it has become the perfect word for me. 

Since I've had the day off its been a perfect day to read through the materials in Ali's workshop. It's been so inspiring and I've done a lot of reflect on my word today. I can feel the word already. 

I've been using the note pad on my phone to record notes as I read the january PDFs and listen to January's video. 

I've printed off my inserts and laid out the plan of January's prompts. The plan is to keep it in my project life album. I do my December daily there and all my other words are represented fully in my other albums. I'm using the vertical page protectors and it's working perfectly. 

I'm not beginning to write out my questions from my note and starting to answer the questions and reflect upon my word. I even keep my word on my wallpaper of my phone and keep a very inspiring quote on my home screen of my phone so I see it every time I'm unlock my phone 

More to come as I continue my journey. 

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