Tuesday, December 31, 2013

One Little Word 2014- Brave

My one little word for 2014 is brave.

 I already feel the power behind this word. I'll be asking myself what does it mean to me, how will I empower myself, and what extraordinary challenges will I accept with the strength and bravery that I'll show? 

Last year my word change was so true to how 2013 turned out. I began the beginning of the year unknowing of what lay ahead and what changes would become by the end.. I'll tell you I don't regret any of the changes that were made. The first one and biggest life event was when we purchased our new home in January. We then followed through with making all kinds of improvements to our home, life, and careers. You hit some huge milestones like turning 3, starting preschool, and potty training. 

What will being brave this year mean to me? What brave things will I accomplish?? I'm looking forward to the woman I'll be in the end and the strength and courage I'll obtain from taking new risks and achieving the goals I set out.

Ill head into 2014 with bold intentions and strong commitments. 

It will be an amazing journey and here I officially welcome you 2014!

I'll be joining the very inspiring and amazing Ali Edwards as she makes the same journey and inspires us all through her 2014 One Little Word workshop

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