Sunday, December 1, 2013

December 2013 intro to elf on the shelf

This month will be filled with all kinds of holiday fun. We will be doing December daily, elf on the shelf, a Christmas countdown/advent calender, and you'll be getting daily gifts. So I know we are all ready for an amazing 25 day countdown til Christmas. 

Meeting Lola and pre countdown gift in the stocking- 

Here is the "plan" it can be altered and then will be update as needed- 

December Daily- December 1st-25th

using project life sunshine kit + studio calico cuppa November kit 

downloads from life love paper, miss tinna, paislee press, and ali edwards.

December countdown
Photo a day lists
Elf on the shelf
Daily life
Holiday decor/shopping/life stuff

Elf on the shelf (Lola)/advent calendar/(photo of the day)/ note/ activity
Nov- put up tree/stocking/decorate!
Nov 30 - meet Lola she brings a skirt and a m&ms bar
Day 1- (advent calendar), she brings advent calendar. Penguin countdown
Day2-  (winter clothes) Lola brings new gift (pajamas) easy spot
Day3- (outdoors) Lola plays with pony new pony gift
Day4- Lola brings out the kiwi crate
Day5- put up stocking (warm) Lola hiding out in new stocking. Stocking stuffer gift
Day6- (busy) calendar. Lola with kiss wrappers ate them left some for em
Day7- (happy) Lola makes a mess! Snow angel
Day8- go to Brady and Evans party. Funny Lola moment. Lola brings cute hair accessory for the party and a new shirt. 
Day9- (family) Lola brings crayons and coloring book 
Day10- (cards) Lola shows off our Christmas ecard! 
Day11- (cold) Lola is wearing new gloves and hat 
Day12- (bokeh) Lola is hiding out in the tree look at Christmas lights 
Day13- (read) Lola brings a new book
Day14- (jump) Lola was watching vine while snacking on fruit snacks
Day15- go see Santa (rest) Lola passes out on Ted 
Day16- (through the window) Lola is watching what's going on outside
Day17- (self timer) wrapping presents Lola brings gift supplies and makes a mess!
Day18- (sign) lola brings gift to donate gifts to charity. 
Day19- (decor) give preschool gift
Day20- (red/green) Lola make a craft 
Day22- make Christmas cookies (cookies) Lola brings the supplies for cookies 
Day23- (excited) Lola bring hot cocoa and cookies
Day24- (tree) Christmas Eve traveling 
Day25- Christmas Day (love) at grandmas gift opening

1.Advent calendar 2. Pajamas 3. Pony 4. Kiwi crate 5. Stocking 6. Hershey kiss 7. Candy 8. Party 9. Crayons and coloring book 10. ECard 11. Gloves + hat 12. Note look at lights 13. Book 14. Fruit snacks 15. Christmas outfit 16. Candy 17. Small gift 18. Note donate 19. Note Preschool gift 20. Crafts 21. 22. Note Cookie decor supplies 23. Note Cocoa and cookies 24. Note travel to grandmas 25. Presents 

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