Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Currently- December

Whew that's on crazy month behind us!! December was full of hectic holiday nonsense. I've officially vowed to leave retail for good!! The unbelievable rudeness that people have possessed this holiday season was unreal! With the stressful annoying stuff forgotten about I want to focus on one of the biggest accomplishments this month (shoot I would say year) was that you are officially potty trained!!!! 

Let's scream it from the rooftops! 

Dad and I thought these last 2 weeks would be a perfect time to try since you were on winter break from preschool. We had a few accidents in the beginning but we went all in and are leaving the end of winter break a girl free of diapers rocking some super awesome panties! Way to go littles. 

Here are some photo highlights-
Started out this month getting the tree up
Then attempted this crazy elf on the shelf 
Got some awesome mom gifts
And dad gifts
Then done some major Christmas shopping
Got our party on
Kept the December daily going
Then we had Christmas #1
Christmas #2
And Christmas #3

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