Sunday, December 1, 2013

Currently- November

So to put an end to another month. I've been embracing all the changes and been dealing with all the stress of working the holiday season in retail. It's always best when I get to come home to you and dad.

 I'm very thankful this year. I have the most amazing family, the hardest working team at work, the best friends, a beautiful home, and I have an amazing husband taking care of my daughter, taking care of me, and he makes such a sacrifice to give us what we have. I also have one of the sweetest most amazing little girls and I get to spend every moment with her.

Here are some highlights from the month

On thanksgiving we decorated the tree

We also decorated trees outside. We officially have 3 trees

We had our own little thanksgiving

We got in your kiwi crate kit!! Super exciting crafts enclosed. 

We picked up and adopted Lola your elf on the shelf

I had to prepare and survive Black Friday 

We did some gift Shopping you love boy toys! 

We had thanksgiving at Aunt Shannon's. 

I got in my studio calico cuppa kit! So excited about this. 

We had thanksgiving at grandmas house

We spent the rest of the beginning of the month doing everyday stuff like cleaning (yeah you dusted the toilet wierdo)

You went to preschool 4 times a week every week... You are learning so much there and you freaking love it!!

You had dad time
And mom time... And you are always on the move!!!
And then mom celebrated her 27th bday!!!

Another fabulous month down now let's bring on December.

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