Thursday, July 26, 2012

Everyday Stories- True love

So many times i get asked how i make it work. How have you and your husband made it 9 years?? Is it that storybook romance of true love ... in a way yes, but it never came as easy as some would think. Fairytale loves never do. Look back at everyone of those Fairytale couples, they encounter real life hardships in metaphoric ways. Belle struggles the beast as do we sometimes- that hidden resentment and anger one might feel and need to overcome. I see Ariel who would do anything to change to be with the one she loves. She evolved herself into the person she WANTED to be and found the love she was looking for with him. Like them my fairytale love didn't come without sweat and tears. They still occur even now 9 years later. You actually find yourself unable to know yourself without the other one. You no longer are one but two in one. You find that you would sacrifice everything, give your entire being to that other person.