Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Dear Emma- 7/25

Dear sippy cup thrower- 
How I feel right now, is angy. I had a really hard, very sturdy blue munchkin sippy cup hurled at my head. You have the tendency to be very demanding when you want a drink. Usually you force your cup into our hands. We are trying to get you to say more like juice or milk.. which you do sometimes. It sounds more like uice and choc milk. I do not know what was behind the very angry demand for more to drink that proceeded the head bashing. I literally had blood pouring out of my mouth. That is not an understatement either. Oh by now I'm completely over it, its just the one thing I'm working on with you. You have hit those terrible twos and the hitting and meanness has started. Hopefully this wont go on for very long, but I seriously doubt it. I'm figuring it will end 15 years from now :)
love one very understanding mom.