Thursday, July 5, 2012

Project Life 2013?? will it happen??

Well I'm pretty much planning on it at this time. I absolutely LOVE documenting and creating my pl binders. I know when you get older you'll love to look at everything I've captured. (pretty sure anyway)

Well what got me motivated was when I stopped by Ali Edwards blog and checked out her weekly project life post. She is always motivating and helps you keep up when those weeks don't seem like its worth keeping an album like this. Sometimes it gets seriously overwhelming and you stop and think is this interesting enough? or is it the same stuff every week??? will you actually look through these when you are older?? She shared that Becky Higgins has put up all kinds of new info and product photos for whats to come the rest of this year. I'm always so excited to see everything early because I get started 3 months before everyone else.

her full update is here-

so as always I wanted to share my thoughts and what I love. 

So My thoughts so far for 2013 is to keep with my standard 12x12 wrmk lilac albums. the albums are 29.99 and shipping depending on where you go can very between free on amazon with a large purchase or 12.99 on specialty scrap store sites. Thats why I usually save and purchase all my albums, core kits, and page protectors in one big shipment. This year I'll buy as I think stock will go. If a pl core kit becomes available I'll purchase it THAT DAY! no additional thought because it will be gone within days. 

what I want to do different is get a variety pack of the page protectors.
these are 24.99
the one thing I hated the most this year was EVERY page was laid out exactly the same... just inserted with a few more pages like 8x10 and 4x6. BTW watch what 4x6 I used because I'm using ones you have to manually punch to get them to fit. 
I also want to pick up some of the new variety packs I'm seeing revealed. 

and these-

I'm not sure what the going prices of these will be... but I still love them so they will be on my wish list. I feel like the new variety of page protectors will increase the look of my pl albums!!

next choice will be my core kit. My thoughts wont become definite until late July early August when they reveal the new ones. Im considering Colbalt and the 2 new ones as of now. I've already owned Clementine, and turquoise is too boyish for me. Amber and Cherry haven't peeked my interest enough.

She recently went through and spiced up the core kits!! way more versatile. Just what I like to see.

there will be more cards and front and back cards!! makes my day ;)

and this is what she left on:

{ coming november 2012 }Two new Project Life editions, of course! The two designers are already working on the two fantastic new looks, and we’ll reveal who they are later in July or early August.

nice. ^_^