Monday, July 30, 2012

Journal: Refusal to wear a diaper.

So here I'm sitting on the computer looking through all the amazing blogs, blog hops, stats, and all the logistics to make this blog keep going and continue to grow.. blah blah right? 
While I do this you sit and watch your Preschool Prep company videos. Literally the best learning tool for learning Alphas, Numbers, colors, and shapes... but at the same time THE MOST ANNOYING videos for mommy. 
M... M... M... M......... M........M............ M M M M
yeah that continues until it switches to
N... N.. etc you get the point.
I peek up from my laptop to look at you, like I always do, and you are just sneakily staring at me. You reach one had up and start to pull at your diaper... You KNOW what you are doing but you keep doing it. You then go after the other side. 

yep no more diaper.

I really feel like you are ready to take on this potty training stuff, but at the same time I'm unsure if you are completely ready! 

The only solution I've found to have you keep the diaper on so I don't get poop on the floor is to put you in overalls!! ha you haven't managed to learn how to remove those yet. 

I'm just going to continue to watch for the potty training signs, keep talking about it, and continue to see if you are ready. 
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