Sunday, January 13, 2013

Mommy+Me Journal + January Update

So we are off to a great start so far. The only thing that I haven't been doing is keeping this blog more up to date like I had hoped I would. 

I have done more on the re-design end of things so that's a plus I suppose. I did what took me the longest 

editing each post to the correct label for better organization.

that's one thing off the list of things I hoped to do in January. I've set out to change things and organization was one of those things to work on. 

I picked up a new mommy+me Journal so I'm pretty excited with this one. It was a simple random find and a must do to my strange obsession with notebooks. Though this one in its simplicity has captured exactly what I needed from it. Memories.

first entry dates December 28th 2012 and so far I've kept it going until today... and I'm halfway through it already. It contains:
Journal Entries
To Do Lists
December Project Life Notes
Project Life 2012
Layout Designs 
3x4 card designs
Emma's Doodles
One Little Word 
Project Ideas
Yearly Goals
January Goals
In the Moment.. Moments 
Blog Organization
Blog Design
Baby Edition Project Life
Muse/Family Trip Planning
Emma's Developments
 Shape Practicing
Emma+Mommy Conversations

and all that in a 2 week breakdown. Something about having a little notebook and pen in my hand gets so much work completed.