Wednesday, January 30, 2013

day in the life 2013 intro

The plan is to do a day in the life 2013 
Wednesday 30, 2013-

what is that???

I've done these a few times with her, and I make a smash book section with them. This year I'll combine that with putting a section in my Project Life album. 
I honestly don't think that the smash book will come right away. I'm so overly focused on my project life that I just want to keep everything in one spot, then after time I could go back and add it to the smash book.

my goals for this day in the life?

1. PHOTOS!! I want to snap and snap some more.  
Sadly I wont have my new Iphone 5 until Friday, but tomorrow is such an important day I just couldn't pass up a full day documentation. So I'll mostly try to use my camera phone and instagram to capture. I'll carry around the Canon too.
2. DOCUMENTATION!! I'll be using every method that I normally use to document. I'll use facebook, instagram, my journal, and my calender. 
3. INSPIRATION!! I can't wait, but I want to get on Pinterest and just search and come up with great prompts, stories, layouts, and implement all that into my seafoam project life kit to document it.

I can't wait to capture tomorrow, we already have a busy day planned out...
11:30 am- Meeting with Mortgage Broker to sign paperwork for the new house.
1pm- Meeting at the new house with the Home Inspector.
2pm- Speech Therapy appointment. 

I can't wait to walk around our new home again. We don't actually close until the 28th of February tho.