Monday, January 28, 2013

house hunting has finally paid off

so after 8 long and excruciating months o  house hunting we found the perfect home. it seemed to be one of the hardest choices I've made in my entire life. every choice up to now has been hard sure, but making sure I did everything right to get the perfect home for you to grow up in made it that much harder. I couldn't even count all the emails, late night zillow searches, dirty bathrooms, and indecision on this home search journey. The entire process was amazing, but now I'm moving on to part 2-
 purchasing our first home. this part isn't any less stressful, it is just stressful in a different way. we knew off the house before it went on the market and we loved it immediately.  we seen it and put in the offer the same night. our broker wrote it up in a day or so and had me write out a note to the seller. she was do touched by the note she countered offered only a little and said it was the note that touched her so much she wanted to sell her house to us. we accepted immediately and the house was ours. we go Wednesday to the inspection and to meet with the mortgage broker and we will close on February 28th. I'm spending my time searching pinterest and talking to insurance salesman.
I can't wait to make this new house our h home.